The Pro Camera App for iPhone

MaxCam™ is a fully featured Pro camera app for devices with iOS 16 or later. MaxCam is the first iPhone camera app specifically designed to use all available screen estate on today's "max" devices. This minimizes obstruction of the live camera preview for easier composition and evaluation of exposure and focus.

The screenshot shows the main screen of MaxCam on an iPhone 13 Pro Max:

MaxCam Camera App Main Screen

All relevant controls are permanently visible and at the user's fingertips. MaxCam's unique control dials with haptic feedback resemble the layout of professional digital cameras; shutter, sensitivity, exposure compensation, focus and many other parameters are directly accessible - no swiping or scrolling necessary, no digging in nested menus; every feature, every function is no more than a single tap away.


Release is planned for November, 2022. Stay tuned.

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