MaxCam Features - iPhone camera information

MaxCam for iPhone will show a wealth of information and data about the available cameras on your iPhone. The app will list focal length, aperture, ISO sensitivity range, autofocus specs and more. All data is illustrated with schematics.

As always with MaxCam everything is readily available; no need to dig into menus, preferences or slide toolbars in and out. Tap the "Settings" button in the shutter bar at the bottom (arrow, the orange background in the screenshots is only for illustration, it's not displayed in the app):

MaxCam iPhone Camera Information

In the settings, tap Information > Camera. You will then be presented with an annotated drawing of your iPhone's back camera. Shown here for an iPhone 13 Pro Max:

MaxCam iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra Wide Angle Camera Specification Data Schematic

The cameras are sorted by focal length, with the 13 Pro Max the 13mm Ultra Wide Angle comes first (note highlighted "Info"-Button in the schematic). All data is shown as reported by the device; the focal length is given in 35mm equivalent.

Tap the "Info" in the lower left to get the data for the main or Wide Angle camera:

MaxCam iPhone 13 Pro Max Wide Angle Camera Specification Data Schematic

Finally there's the Telephoto camera:

MaxCam iPhone 13 Pro Max Telephoto Camera Specification Data Schematic

Tap the circling arrows button in the top right to see the specs of the front (or selfie) camera:

MaxCam iPhone 13 Pro Max Selfie Camera Specification Data Schematic

Individual diagrams for the front and back cameras are provided for each supported iPhone model. Compare to the same screen for the front camera of the iPhone 14 Pro which features the new Dynamic Island cutout:

MaxCam iPhone 14 Camera Specification Data Schematic

Incidentally, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are the first iPhones to feature autofocus in the front camera; this is duly reported in the screen.

Tap the "Back"-button twice to go back to the camera live image.

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