MaxCam Features - iPhone camera level indicators

Many photographic situations require the camera to be exactly level; obvious examples include architectural photography, macros and repro photos. MaxCam for iPhone will assist you by overlaying a precise level indicator over the live camera image. The indicators have an easy to understand layout and color scheme so that you can see at a glance how to move the phone to be exactly level.

In addition to the overlay, MaxCam also features a unique real-time micro level indicator in the lower right of the shutter bar (arrow) which is visible at all times:

MaxCam iPhone Camera Level Indicator

The indicator is "live" and rotates with the phone's orientation. In portrait, the indicator turns green when the phone is perpendicular to the ground. In landscape orientation the indicator turns green when the phone is parallel to the ground. In many cases the micro indicator will be all you need, this avoids clutter in the preview window. For more precise adjustments (for example when you actually want to tilt the phone on a geared head) and when the phone is face-up, the onscreen overlay comes into play.

Level indicators in portrait orientation

As always with MaxCam everything is readily available; no need to dig into menus, preferences or slide toolbars in and out. The "Level" indicator doubles as a button; tap it to activate the overlay (note that the micro indicator is now displayed "filled"):

MaxCam iPhone Camera Portrait Level Tilted

In the screenshot above, the phone is rotated to the right by three degrees; note the orange pointers that indicate that the device is not exactly perpendicular to the ground. Three degrees doesn't sound like much but the effect is very noticable with vertical walls and similar image elements.

Tilting the phone slightly to orient it properly turns the pointers green. Likewise, the micro indicator turns green. The iPhone will also emit a haptic "knock" when aligned:

MaxCam iPhone Camera Portrait Levelled

Level indicators in landscape orientation

This works in landscape orientations too. Misaligned by just one degree but note the deck at the right:

MaxCam iPhone Camera Landscape Level Tilted

Compare to the aligned version:

MaxCam iPhone Camera Landscape Levelled

Another example where misalignment would ruin the shot:

MaxCam iPhone Camera Landscape Dynamic Levelled

Level indicators in face-up orientation

Also provided is a dedicated level indicator for the face-up orientation, i.e. with the camera looking down. Here the indicator is made of two rings that merge when the screen of the device is parallel to the ground or a table. This is very useful for photographing documents but also for macros of coins, medals and similar objects.

This is an example of a macro shot using the ultra wideangle camera on an iPhone 13 Pro Max (note "0.5x" indicator in the toolbar). The cuneiform tablet is c. 25x25mm² at a distance of 40mm from the iPhone. Here the phone is rotated slighly around the axis that runs along the longer side of the device so the horizontal pointers turn orange:

MaxCam iPhone Camera Macro Level Tilted


MaxCam iPhone Camera Macro Level Indicator Face Up

Hide the onscreen indicator by tapping the "Level" button in the shutter bar again.

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